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Theme Documentation - Pages

Create A New Page

You can create pages from several page templates which is listed above. You will need to choose the page template that suits for your sites. This can be done from the page section in admin sidebar.

  • Navigate to Pages > Add New in your admin sidebar or click Add New option from the page option.
  • Enter a name for your new page.
  • Set your Parent page from the Page Attributes box on right side.
  • Choose your page template from the Template dropdown list.
  • To add Content for your page use the Visual or Text editor using Shortcodes. Refer shortcodes that how to add content for a new page.
  • See the below screenshot that shows descriptions of the page settings described above.

Page Templates

Mist includes following page templates and you will need to choose the page template that suits your for your sites. This is done in the Pages section of your WordPress admin.

  • Default - This is the Default page template that automatically has the sidebar with it. Choose this template for your blog.
  • Full Width - This is the 100% Width page template. This allows your content to go 100% of the browser width.
  • Parallax Template - The Parallax Template is an Onepage template. The each section in onepage having the parallax settings and options.
  • Maintenance Template - There is no header and footer present in the page when you choose the Template as Maintenance Template.

Setup Home Page

You can build any type of home page using our shortcode elements. Home page setup is the same as setting other regular pages. You need to set your Main Home Page in Settings options which page will be your Main Home Page.

  • Navigate to Settings > Reading tab.
  • Select A Static Page option.
  • Choose the page you want to set as your Home Page from the Front Page dropdown list.
  • You can set the Blog Page as the Posts Page from the Post Page dropdown list.

Setup One Page

You can make a one page site with a parallax scrolling menu and allows you to put all the content on one page. The menu items will link to each sections of the page. Mist having the options to create a One page using two ways. Please follow the steps to setup one page.

  • Set up One Page using Page Options
  • Set up One Page using Custom Menu

Set up One Page using Page Options

  • Navigate to Pages > Add New in your admin sidebar or click Add New option from the page option..
  • You can find One Page tab under Page Options.
  • Below you can see the options to set for the One Page.
  • Section Header - This allows you to show or hide the Header for each sections in One Page.
  • Section Title - This allows you give the section title for showing in one page.
  • Section Slogan - This allows you give the section slogan for showing in one page.
  • Section Padding Top - You need a space for each section which is showing one by one. So enter the value for Padding Top.
  • Section Padding bottom - You need a space for each section which is showing one by one. So enter the value for Padding Bottom.
  • Section Header Padding Bottom - You need a space after the header. So enter the value for Padding Bottom.
  • Section Colors - You can choose the colors for following options such as Section Title Color, Section Slogan Color, Section Text Color, Section Content Heading Tags Color, Section Background Color
  • Parallax Mode - This option allows you to set the parallax mode for sections added in one page.
  • Parallax Background Image - This option allows you to set the background image for the parallax section. Choose the file for parallax background and click upload image.
  • Background Image Options - You can choose the background image settings such as Background Repeat, Background Attachment, Background Position, Background Size.
  • Parallax Background Overlay - This allow you to add overlay and customize the options such as Overlay, Overlay pattern, Overlay Pattern Style, Section Overlay Color, Overlay Color Opacity.
  • Parallax Additional Sections - You can optionally add some other sections in parallax without adding section in a menu. Choosed sections will show below to this current section in choosen order.
  • See the below screenshots which is described in above lists.

Setup One Page Using Custom Menu

Before creating a custom menu, you need to give the Row ID for the section to be add in One Page. Read the following steps to create Row ID.

  • Navigate to Pages > Add New. Click BACKEND EDITOR button.
  • A Visual Composer tab for backend is open. Click on Plus icon(+).
  • Add element pop will open and You can see Row option from Visual Composer.
  • Click on Row options and the shortcode is added in your Page.
  • After that Click on Edit this row to add Row ID to make one page.
  • While giving Row ID, you need to add row id prefix as "section-" with your ID name else smoothscroll wont work.
  • Likewise you need to give Row ID to the section which you want to add it in one page.

Create A Custom Menu

  • Navigate to Appearance > Menusand click Create A New Menu link and Enter the Name for the Menu.
  • Find a Custom Link box on the left hand side and enter the URL and Link Text for Menu Item.
  • For example, #home-page and then assign a name to the menu item and Click the Add to Menu button.
  • Each menu item you add needs a unique anchor name in the URL field.
  • Repeat the steps for each menu item and giving each a unique #name.
  • Once you have added your menu items, click Save Button.

Create A New Page With Custom Menu

  • Navigate to Pages and Click Add New option.
  • Scroll down to find the Page Options box.
  • Find the Main Navigation Menu
  • Choose your newly created menu from dropdown.
  • Each menu item you created above will link to the different sections of the page.