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Assign a Slider

Mist includes the revolution-slider and once you have created, you can to assign them to a page or using a shortcode. You can assign a slider via our Page Options or Page Builder using Builder elements or use our Shortcode Generator. Read the below steps to know more.

  • Navigate to Pages and select the new page or existing page.
  • Scroll down and you can view the Slider inside the Page options.
  • You can choose the Slider Position from the Slider options.
  • Revolution Slider Shortcode - Paste the Shortcode here to assign slider for the page.

Slider Position

  • You can choose to have the header shows above the slider, or below the slider.
  • This option is both present in Page Options and Theme Options.
  • Assign via Page Options - In page options you can select if the slider shows above or below the header. See the screenshot.
  • Assign via Theme Options - In theme options Navigate to Theme options > Header > Header Type > Slider Position. You can select if the slider shows above or below the header. See the screenshot.

Revolution Slider

  • Navigate to Revolution Slider in your admin sidebar section, then place the Mouse on New Slider to view the Slider options.
  • You can find various Options to create New Slider such as Content Source, Slider Title & Shortcode, Slider Type, Slide Layout.
  • Content Source - You can choose Content Source for slider such as Default Slider, Post based slider like more options.
  • Slider Title & Shortcode - Enter the title and alias name for the Slider and the shortcode is generated for slider. Place this shortcode where you want to show the slider.
  • Select Slider Type - You can choose the slider type such as Standard slider, Hero Scene, Carousel Slider etc.
  • Slide Layout - You can choose the Slide layout such as Auto, Fullwidth, Fullscreen.

Content Source

Slider Title & Shortcode

Select Slider Type

Slide Layout

To Add or Edit Slide

Edit Slide Options

Featured Post Slider

  • Navigate to Theme Options > Post > Featured Post Slider. See the slider options below to customize the Post Slider.
  • Featured Post Slider Display - This option allow you to set the slider position such as Below Header, Above Header and Above Footer.
  • Featured Posts Limit - Enter the number of post to show in slider.
  • Items to Display - This option allows you to display the number of items in a page.
  • Items to Scrollby - Enter the number of items to scrollby.
  • Enable Auto Play - You can Enable/Disable the autoplay option for slider.
  • Timeout Duration (in milliseconds) - Set the Timeout duration for slider.
  • Enable Infinite Loop - This option allows you to Enable/Disable the loop option for Slider.
  • Margin ( Items Spacing ) - Enter the Margin for the Spacing between the items.
  • Items To Display in Tablet - Enter the number of items to display in Tablet.
  • Items To Display in Mobile Landscape - Enter the number of items to display in Mobile Landscape.
  • Items To Display in Mobile Portrait - Enter the number of items to display in Mobile Portrait.
  • Enable Pagination - You can Enable/Disable the Pagination option for post slider.
  • Enable Navigation - You can Enable/Disable the Navigation option for post slider.