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Your website is your doorway to generating more business leads/interest in your products and services, from around the globe. The very purpose of having a website is to improve your business by enlarging your customer base from one locality to that which embraces the whole connected world. If this doorway has to get more visitors, you have to optimize your website for what we call business “lead generation”. In other words, lead generation is the very purpose of a website, and once you have succeeded in this aspect you are well on your way to success.

This is not a simple task as just making a few buttons click on your home page does not generate leads. You need a more robust and strategic effort to achieve this task. There are several ways by which you could optimize your website to generate more leads. In this article, we shall look at 9 smart ways in which you could optimize your website to get more business leads.

Website optimization

Optimize your Website Pages

A website is designed to create greater visibility and generate business for the company and as such should be perfectly structured to meet these requirements. The entire exercise of having a website as we said, is to generate leads. Therefore, your landing page should be very effective and be able to capture a visitor’s contact information like name & address, email address, phone number and other relevant details that could be useful in the marketing activities.

1. Identify the pages with the most traffic

This is the first step in your optimization process. You have to run through an audit to identify which are the areas that generate more business leads and which are weak and need improvement. In general, the common activities which generate leads are:

        1. Email marketing:

The email communication with a prospective customer could generate a visit to your website.

        2. Social Media:

Social Media is one area that has a huge potential for lead generation. If you can run a campaign through social media you are bound to generate business leads.

         3. Live Chat:

Having a Live Chat window in your website is advantageous as it facilitates the communication between a potential visitor and your customer service team. This helps your customers feel more personal with your brand, which enables better conversion and a less bounce rate.

         4. Blog Posts:

Running a blog has multiple benefits you can capitalize on. Your blog articles pull traffic for many different keywords indexed on search engines. Plus, as proven, a blog has high conversion rates from 2.35% up to 11.45%, according to Indeed a blog page makes your lead generation easier.

2. Weigh the Performance of each Lead Generator

You should evaluate all your lead generators and identify how they contribute to the business. There are tools like HubSpot Marketing, Intercom, Proof, etc which can handle this job effectively.

Where you are having multiple landing pages, you can compare which landing pages are effective and which are not. Once you identify which are your weaker landing pages, you can redesign them to make it more effective.

The ideal choice for companies is to have a number of landing pages as studies have shown that the more the landing pages, the higher the conversion. You may use packages like “Unbounce” to create great looking and effective landing pages.

Once the visitor is convinced to submit a form on the landing page, the Thank-you page comes into play, and this should never be overlooked. In this Thank-You page, you can include a link to the order page or try an up-sell or cross-sell opportunity to maximize your sales.


Call-to-Action and its importance from zozothemes


3. Call-to-Action and its importance

Call-to-action is an important part of your Homepage. The Homepage should in the first place attract the visitor and create that bit of curiosity to scroll further. But it is the Call-to-Action (CTA) that really keeps the interest going and encourages the visitor to remain on the page. The CTA is simply put, an appeal to the visitor, inviting a response. It can spur the user to take the next step and this could be to view a video, download a PDF, or fill out a form, or even just click on to another page. The CTA entices the visitor to take a specific action, which business leads him closer to becoming a customer. A lot of thought should, therefore, be given to make short and crisp CTA’s that kindle the curiosity of the visitor and make him browse further.

4. Personalizing your Call-to-Action

We can take this further by incorporating a personalized CTA. This can be done where the content is dynamic and provides different experiences to the visitor. For example, let’s take the case of a visitor who has had the patience and time to scroll through the entire website. The next time he visits, greet him with a CTA that says Welcome Back “…………..” where you could include the name of the visitor within the inverted commas. This would help to generate more leads as it has been found that personalized CTA’s convert more visitors than basic Call-to-action.

5. Use Live Chat Services

Live Chat is an integral part of a successful customer service process. It provides a platform to communicate with the customer in real-time and generates higher satisfaction levels. Live Chat is cost-effective and also time-saving. It is the best tool for better service as it offers real-time customer service and addresses multiple queries at the same time, thus saving time, labor, and ultimately money for the company.

Live Chat gives a competitive edge as it creates more positive responses and better customer satisfaction. This will enable greater conversion, create more positive responses, and better customer satisfaction, which will lead to the better growth of the company.

Before you install a Live Chat tool, you have to audit your website to understand which pages your visitor spends the most time on. Once you have identified this you can install a live chat tool on that page where the visitor is in need of more information. This enables you to collect more information on their product needs. Depending on the queries raised by the visitor, you can, if the need arises, integrate your customer service team with your live chat features. This will ensure that all their queries are answered satisfactorily.

6. Open specific Blog Posts with download offers

Opening a Blog Post is a non-invasive way to generate interest in your business. You can take up aa topic relevant to the company’s products or services and create a blog. This can be followed by creating blog content that promotes an eBook or a whitepaper about the same topic that they read on your blog. This will enable the visitor to gain more information and start generating leads.

It is a well-known fact that blog content assists in developing page authority needed to rank your website on Google. People can visit your website by either clicking on paid ads or by using search engines like Google or Bing. People who use the search engines to reach your websites are known as organic traffic or visitors. It has been found that Organic visitors are often more intent on finding a solution to a problem. Therefore, this is a valuable form of lead generation.

To start with you can create a group of blog posts relative to the topic. Next, create a composite report which delves much deeper into the topic. This report can be converted to a PDF format that your blog reader can download using their name, company name, and email address. The downloaded resource can be emailed to them later. In this way, you can generate more valuable business leads.

7. Creating a Guest Blog Post.

We had earlier mentioned that you can create a Blog Post to optimize your conversion rate. This is a very effective tool and has generated adequate positive responses. Studies have shown that companies with a blog generate 67% more leads than those who don’t. However, if you are interested in more traffic and backlinks, you’ll need to guest post on other websites. By doing so you are increasing the credibility of your website and enhancing the Google search rankings and visibility.

Blogging on your own website has its limitations, but by guest posting, you are reaching a larger audience thus ensuring more traffic. By reaching out to a wider audience, you will generate more leads in a short time and these leads could convert to your future customers by your consistent followup.


Explainer Video for your business by zozothemes


8.Introduce an Explainer Video

The idea is to capture and maintain the attention of a visitor. Grabbing their attention and retaining them on the site for a longer time is to your advantage. One simple method is by developing an explainer video that can run from your landing page. The video should be able to describe your product or services interestingly and once that is achieved you can be assured that leads will follow.

The quality of the explainer video should be excellent and be able to captivate, entertain, and educate the viewer. A poorly produced video will make you lose leads, so you have to be sure that you provide the best quality.

9. Get active in the Social Media

Social Media is booming! With this growth, there is a substantial change in the way people are doing their business. More and more people are using social media to increase business awareness and to build a brand. Social networks are an important part of every marketing strategy and people who do not use them are missing out on a phenomenal marketing opportunity.

There’re many advantages to using Social Media. However, since we are discussing specifically how to improve lead generation we won’t amplify these points in this article. Let us discuss briefly just joining Facebook groups.

There are 2.45 billion monthly active users of Facebook now. This is a huge opportunity that you can never hope to miss. One of the most effective ways is to join Facebook groups and keep posting fresh content every day. Now replicating the same in different groups amplifies the reach of your content and enlarges the scope of this activity.

This activity can be so programmed that it will start generating leads within a short span of time. Post fresh content daily. In this way, you should be ready with at least one post for every day of the week. If you have many posts do not post them at the same time. Over a 12 hour period post 6 contents. The contents should be engaging and should also include questions to your fans to encourage them to comment and get involved in your community. With a few active Facebook groups, you can easily see a potential-jump in lead generation.


The true measure of your success can be gauged by the leads that you have generated. By using some of the points mentioned here, you can be sure of generating potential business leads that could be converted to customers.

If business leads are not being generated it only means that you have not used the phenomenal opportunity that a website offers, properly. You have to identify the areas where you have slackened and where you need to make changes. These changes could be across the board and will need a concerted effort from your side to reverse the trend and start to get more Business Leads. Focus on the key areas and you will find that things are changing for the better.

A website is your online business address. This is where your customers and associates go to find you on the net. This is the place that allows you to enlarge your customer base exponentially within a short period of time. To achieve this you have to strengthen your ability to generate leads that can convert to customers in due course. We hope this article has shed light on how to get more Business Leads using your website.


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